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A randomized pilot trial of topiramate for alcohol use disorder in veterans with traumatic brain injury: Effects on alcohol use, cognition, and post-concussive symptoms.

Drug and alcohol dependence

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Care of the Transgender Patient.

Annals of internal medicine

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Supporting Veteran Transitions to the Academic Setting: VA on Campus.

Community College Journal of Research and Practice

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Deployment Anxiety Reduction Training: A Pilot Study of Acceptability and Feasibility in Current or Recent Active Duty Service Members.

Military medicine

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Mobile Technology for Treatment Augmentation in Veteran Smokers With Posttraumatic Stress Disorder.

American journal of preventive medicine

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Prescriptions Filled Following an Opioid-Related Hospitalization.

Psychiatric services (Washington, D.C.)

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Smoking and non-alcohol substance use in veterans with PTSD and alcohol use disorder.

Drug and alcohol dependence

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Topiramate treatment of alcohol use disorder in veterans with posttraumatic stress disorder: a randomized controlled pilot trial.

Alcoholism, clinical and experimental research

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Cocaethylene formation following ethanol and cocaine administration by different routes.

Experimental and clinical psychopharmacology

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Adaptation effects to sleep studies in participants with and without chronic posttraumatic stress disorder.


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