Have depression and want to use genetic test results for individualized antidepressant treatment?

This study offers Veterans the opportunity to usegenetic test results to help make a decision about the type of antidepressant to use for the treatment of their depression.

Am I eligible for this study?
We are looking for Veterans,between the ages of 18 and 80 years old,who have depression and would like to start an antidepressant.

What will I do if I participate in this study?

  • Attend a baseline/screening visit to determine if you are eligible and if it is safe for you to participate.
  • All participants will provide a swab of the inside of their cheek for the genetic test. 
    • Participants will be randomly assigned to the:
  1. immediate test results group (receive your genetic test back within 2-3 days of cheek swab) OR the
  2. delayed test results group (receive your genetic test results 24 weeks after cheek swab)
  • Attend a follow-up visit 1 month after your baseline/screening visit.
  • Attend 4 more visits by phone over the course of 24 weeks.
  • If you were randomly assigned to the delayed results group, then you will have an additonal visit 36 weeks after your baseline/screening visit. 

Do you offer a monetary incentive?
Veterans in the immediate test results group ---up to $155 Veterans in the delayed test results group ---up to $180

Who do I contact to get started?
To see if you are a potential match with this study, contact the Study Coordinator, Brooke Lasher, to schedule a phone screen.

Study Coordinator: Brooke Lasher
Phone Number: 415-221-4810 x 24495