Did you know that cocaine and methamphetamine are often mixed with a very strong opioid called fentanyl? Come to our education class to learn more and obtain a free fentanyl test kit.

Our class provides education on fentanyl and related opioids, risk factors for opioid overdose, and strategies to reduce risk for opioid overdose. In addition, we provide test strips to Veterans so they can test substances for fentanyl and related opioids.

Am I eligible for this study?
We are looking for Veterans of any age who are receiving treatment in any of the VA Addiction Recovery Treatment Services (ARTS). These include: Transition Program, Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP), Drug and Alcohol Treatment Clinic (DATC), Opioid Treatment Program (OTP), Prescription Opioid Safety Team (POST)/ Addiction Consult (AddCon), and Substance Use Posttraumatic Stress Team (SUPT). Veterans who are in recovery and not currently using substances are encouraged to join.

What will I do if I participate in this study?

  • Attend a baseline screening visit to determine if you are eligible. 
  • Attend a single, one-hour class. This can be individually or in a group setting, and either in person or virtually by video. 
  • Complete two surveys during the class. 
  • Receive a free fentanyl test kit (optional). 
  • Complete a follow-up survey 3 weeks after the class. This will be individually, and either in person or virtually by video. 

Do you offer a monetary incentive?
Veterans can earn up to $35 in VA Patriot Bucks, redeemable in the Patriot Store, café, or coffee shop.

Who do I contact to get started?
To see if you are eligible for this class, contact the Class Instructor, Tessa Rife, to schedule a phone screen.

Study Coordinator: Tessa Rife, PharmD, BCGP
Phone Number: 415-221-4810 ext. 23674, or 415-319-1193