Are you seeking treatment for opioid use disorder?

This study will compare two forms of Buprenorphine, a medication that treats opioid use disorder (OUD), to see whether the monthly injection form or the daily oral pill form works better for treating OUD.

Am I eligible for this study?
We are looking for veterans over the age of 18, who have used opioids within the last 30 days (including heroin/synthetic opioids and prescription opioids), and are seeking treatment for opioid use disorder.

What will I do if I participate in this study?

This study takes place over 1 year (52 weeks). 

  • Attend a baseline/screening visit to determine if you are eligible and if it is safe for you to participate
  • Start oral Buprenorphine treatment daily for 30 days
  • Be randomly assigned into 1 of 2 groups: monthly Buprenorphine injection group or daily Buprenorphine oral pill group
  • Attend weekly study visits for first 4 weeks after being assigned group, where you will complete procedures, including questionnaires/surveys and a urine drug screen
  • After the first 4 weeks, attend monthly visits for the remainder of the 52 weeks, where you will receive your monthly injection or 28-day prescription, complete procedures, including surveys, and blood and urine screens
  • Attend 1 follow-up visit 4 weeks after completing treatment

Do you offer a monetary incentive?
Participants will be compensated for travel to study visits: $25 for travel less than 50 miles, or $50 for travel more than 50 miles

Who do I contact to get started?
To see if you are a potential match for this study, contact the Study Coordinator, Brooke Lasher, to schedule a phone screen.

Study Coordinator: Brooke Lasher
Phone Number: 415-221-4810 x 24495